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The PR Pros

We're seasoned communicators who believe life is all about creativity, love romance and business books indiscriminately and live for the weekly Crumbl cookie menu.

As PR and Marketing Pros

Our passion is helping you effortlessly share your story so you achieve wild success doing what you love.

We know as a small business owner you often feel like the little red hen trying to do everything yourself. Whether it’s managing your finances, writing copy for your social media and website, or serving your customers, you oversee virtually every aspect of the business.

We also know resources are tight - at least right now - to hire folks to pull it off. And we’ve faced the fact - math wasn’t our best subject in school. And being a website, social media or PR guru may not be yours.

But to achieve your dreams and live the life you deserve, there comes a time when you have to quit working 10-hour days and doing the 10-hat balancing act.

Because you can not and shouldn’t be all the things.



Being driven is one of our core values, and it’s likely one of yours too. We live for getting results and helping others make a difference doing what they love.


Because that’s where the true creative magic happens. So we live by what Eleanor Roosevelt said - “Do one thing every day that scares you.”


We believe creativity can solve almost any problem. And putting big ideas into action is what makes our lives a whole lot of fun.


but our clients would tell you that our SUPERPOWER has nothing to do with securing magazine features, designing logos or creating social media content. It’s cutting through the clutter to find relatable stories that will create raving fans for your brand.


Meet Jennifer

In 2010, only a few months after my husband and I welcomed our third child, I made a bold move to leave the hustle of the big agency world.

With a newborn in a bouncer seat, a desk in my dining room and one client on board, I started my public relations agency to balance my love of being a wife and mother of three with my love for helping others communicate. I launched JJPR to create a compassionate workplace (Hello? Busy, working moms who beat themselves up enough already!), give back to the community, and develop strong connections with our clients.

A small-town girl from Alabama, I believe the power of storytelling is what grows brands.

Meet The Pros

Working with many businesses over the years, our team has had countless business owners come to us after spending time and money on wordy brochures, ads they couldn’t measure and social media content that missed the mark with the wrong message aimed at the wrong people. And others wanted to hire a PR agency but didn’t have the money to outsource just yet, but desperately wanted guidance and tools to do it themselves.

So, The PR Pros was born to help businesses help themselves. We make life easier with tools, resources and our step-by-step program that shows you the exact process we’ve used to create raving fans for hundreds of brands.

Let us be your guide in public relations and marketing for your business.